Three solutions, one revolutionary platform

  • Price lock your favorite cryptocurrency
  • Investment algorithms to crush the crypto market
  • A superior market where both sides can win
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Only an email and cryptocurrency wallet address are required to start matching.

Create a Protect or Leverage trade Create a Protect or Leverage trade

Protection contracts lock in a fixed value for your cryptocurrency while leverage contracts enable leveraged exposure to the upside and downside of the entire contract's value.

Deposit your chosen Cryptocurrency Deposit your chosen Cryptocurrency

Choose a payout wallet destination, then deposit assets from your personal wallet into an escrow address created for your contract.

We will automatically match your trade We will automatically match your trade

We match your position with investors who are then obliged to pay you for any price decline of your asset, in return they recieve any market gains.

Cash out your winnings Cash out your winnings

When the contract closes everyone gets paid out directly to their payout wallet. All transactions are visible on the blockchain.

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Use Cases
Who uses CoinLock?

A Superior Market
Our peer-to-peer platform offers two types of contracts


    Lock in your price

    CoinLock leverage contract investors take on your risk and pay you more crypto if the value of your holdings goes down.

    Protection positions do not incur any fees.

  • Get higher returns with reduced risk

    Get higher returns with reduced risk

    CoinLock protect contract holders provide interest-free capital that you can use to maintain your position.

    Work with backtested strategies and investment tools to increase profits.

Contract Payouts can be transferred to any wallet, anywhere.

All contracts are freely tradable on the platform and can be transferred to any wallet to lock in price of financial transactions for predetermined periods of time.

Platform Fees

CoinLock fees are deducted from successful leverage positions, protection positions have no fees.

LCK Coin

LockCoin (LCK)

The official currency of CoinLock, all fees paid in LockCoin are discounted 50%, and half of those fees will be rebated to users for limited time!

Matching Engine
Buy and Sell (LCK) directly on CoinLock
LockCoin (LCK) is positioned to monetize the growth of the CoinLock platform.